Volunteering activities

When filling out your profile you will have selected the activities you are interested in volunteering for in the ‘volunteering opportunities’ tab. Here are a few summaries of different activities you might take part in with primary schools – find out about secondary activities here.

You can also check out the how to guides on the platform where there are more detailed breakdowns of activities, what to expect, the benefits and how to prepare. Please note all activities are referred to as opportunities on your portal, so when it says ‘manage opportunities’ it means your events and activities.

You can take part in both in-school and virtual activities. The activities below can work really well in either format.

A woman wearing a hard hat and goggles talks at an assembly of primary children in a school hall.

Classroom talks: These could involve talking about your job and enthusing children about the range of opportunities open to them. You will help children to realise how important reading and numeracy are, the relevance of their learning and bring their learning to life.

Raise aspirations by talking to children about your background and culture, helping to broaden their horizons. 

‘What’s my Line?’ assembly: This is a fun, interactive activity with an important serious underlying message, to tackle gender stereotypes. You may be asked to sit on a panel and answer children’s questions about your job – they will then guess your job with a big reveal of what you actually do.

Literacy or numeracy activity: This might involve working with a small group of children to contribute to the improvement on basic skills and confidence. You will help them see the importance of such skills, making the connection between what they are learning and future possibilities.

Act as a judge: Teachers may ask volunteers to act as judges in projects and competitions such as enterprise or environment schemes. This is a great way to support skills development whilst helping children to see the real-life application of such skills.


Think about becoming a school governor: visit our Inspiring Governance website to find out about the difference you could make to the lives and future of children by becoming a school governor.