How to sign up

Click sign up at the top of this page and select ‘Volunteers register here’, or click your employers unique Inspiring the Future registration URL.

This will take you to the Inspiring The Future portal, where you will be asked to provide a few basic details, your email address and password and a few more details about yourself, and what you can offer as a volunteer.

If you’re a member of a professional body, please type and search for the professional body when completing your profile in the section, ‘My memberships of Professional Association’.

You’ll be asked to select specialisms and activities that you can volunteer for – currently these are:

  • Career Insights
  • Mock Interviews
  • Help with CVs
  • Being a Reading or Number partner in a primary school
  • Whether you are interested in being approached about being a school governor in your chosen volunteering area/s.

(Private email addresses and phone numbers are not visible to either party).

You can also indicate that you’re happy to take part in virtual activities when signing up.

Schools will search for volunteers from their ’Find Volunteers’ page, and message appropriate volunteers and ask them to get involved in an activity they have coming up. Volunteers can accept/decline the event.


If the school/college request is accepted, once it has taken place an automated feedback form is sent to the volunteers involved. We ask about how the event went. We strongly recommend that this is completed, as it allows us to keep an eye of the quality of volunteers and whether the service is working for both parties. We also use your feedback to report to funders, which will help to keep this service completely free to schools and volunteers.