The impact of Primary Futures activities

Primary Futures activities have a wide ranging impact on schools, teachers, children and volunteers. Short term outcomes post event include:

  1. Children broaden their horizons, with an increased awareness of jobs and the wider world
  2. Challenging gender stereotyping about jobs and school subjects
  3. Linking learning to the real world and in doing so increasing motivation to work hard
  4. Children have increased perception of self confidence and self belief
  5. Employers increase their engagement in primary schools
  6. Teachers are more confident and resourceful in delivering activities with volunteers from the world of work

Education and Employers, the charity behind Primary Futures, has carried out lots of research into the impact of employer engagement and more research findings can be found here.

Primary Futures schools provide feedback from teachers and parents post event. Children involved in Primary Futures  have shared lots of positive comments about what they have learnt:

  • “The best part of today was listening about the different jobs, how things work and engineering”
  • “When we found out there were so many more jobs than I knew of.”
  • “That not just boy work and girls can do anything they want to do.”
  • “I learnt that doing maths/English helps to get a cool/ beautiful job.”
  • “I learnt that the best florists are men and that girls can also be engineers”

Some of the feedback and impact of past Primary Futures activities is shown here: