Pre-recorded resources: Learn about our range and how you can use them to raise children’s aspirations

Hi everyone, I’m Willow, Senior Schools Engagement Coordinator for Primary Futures. I support primary school teachers to plan and deliver aspirational activities for their classes using our portal.  

I’m passionate about building towards an equitable future for children across the UK by broadening horizons and challenging stereotypes through access to inspiring volunteers from the world of work.  

I manage pre-recorded video activities for Primary Futures. We’ve produced a varied menu of pre-recorded video activities. 

 Our menu of resources includes: 

  •  All Aboard – Travel and Transport: Exciting volunteers from the aviation and maritime sectors tell children about their jobs travelling the world, with links to geography. 
  • Our two Tackling Gender Stereotypes resources called Budding Futures (KS1 & Y3) and Uplifting Futures (KS2): Volunteers from across sectors turn stereotypical roles on their head and show children that gender shouldn’t limit their aspirations. 
  • NHS ‘Everyday Heroes’: Children guess the roles of five volunteers working across the NHS, and learn about the broad range of jobs in healthcare. 
  • Our taster resource TV & Tech Classroom Chats: A TV producer and sales director chat to children about their tech roles 

You can access all of our pre-records on your portal homepage, as shown below. They are free to access – simply log in or sign up with our quick registration form. 

Primary Futures portal homepage, with a form to request pre-recorded resources on the right-hand side

Pre-recorded resources are easy to slot into your timetable and are a great introduction to volunteers from the world of work. The videos can be used as standalone resources as they have builtin pause points for interaction and class discussion, but each video comes with an accompanying learning activities pack with downloadable wraparound resources to extend children’s learning. These include starter and plenary worksheets, quizzes and extension ideas, with a focus on the volunteers’ skills and career journeys as well as for the children to reflect on their own aspirations and takeaways from the videos.  

I’m particularly passionate about gender equality and challenging stereotypes so each of our pre-recorded resources has volunteers of a mix of genders. It was brilliant to hear from Emma, a teacher at Landau Forte Academy Moorhead in Derby, that she used our Budding Futures: Tackling Gender Stereotypes pre-recorded resource with her Year 3/4 pupils, prompted by a class discussion about jobs for men and women after reading a text about a woman mountaineer. She said the video and learning activities “sparked off a lot of debate in my class about gender stereotypes in various careers.” and that her class were truly engrossed. 

I hope that the pre-recorded resources inspire you to plan your own live aspirational activities – whether they are virtual or in-person we have thousands of volunteers who would like to engage your children with the world of work! To get support with planning your own activity and searching for volunteers, please email