Holly Critchley

Schools Engagement Senior Coordinator

Hi, my name is Holly and I am Schools Engagement Senior Coordinator for Primary Futures. My role is to support primary school teachers with planning fun and inspiring activities for children. I have experience with planning both face-to-face and virtual activities, and I am on hand to help you with tailoring activities to meet the unique needs of your school.

Virtual activities can be a fun and innovative way to engage children with meeting volunteers from the world of work. We have thousands of volunteers across the country who are ready to inspire children, so there are no limits to who you can invite! I have experience with planning and delivering virtual ‘What’s My Line?’ Assemblies and Classroom Chats. So, if you have any questions about how to plan one of these activities, I would be delighted to hear from you! Get in touch here.

Webinar screen with three attendees' cameras on the left-hand side. The slide displays example questions for children to ask the volunteers about their jobs.

One of my favourite parts of working with Primary Futures is hearing the questions that children have for volunteers. It reminds me of how curious children are and how eager they are to learn about the world of work. I think it is fantastic that we can now provide teachers with the option to plan virtual activities for children, because this gives you the opportunity to connect with volunteers across the country from different sectors. This means that you can give your children the opportunity to meet an even wider range of volunteers from the world of work.

Holly sits with a group of children in Drapers Hall

In my day to day work, I enjoy building strong relationships with schools and find it rewarding to support teachers with planning an activity from the initial formation of ideas right through to thanking the volunteers! So, don’t forget that I am here to support you every step of the way!

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting with planning your next aspirational activity!