Tom Konsek

I have always wanted to help raise the aspirations of children and young people. As part of my current role as a middle leader in charge of curriculum development I have worked hard to inspire and engage our pupils. In 2017 I launched our first Enterprise week where our school invited many visitors from different professions, went on trips to local businesses and met with entrepreneurs in the area (including BBC apprentice finalist David Stevenson). The children were then tasked to design and made a product using a £30 start up loan to sell at the end of the week. I organised a trip for our most disadvantaged children to have a tour of Nottingham’s Intu Victoria centre which was an incredible experience for the children. Moreover, Intu have supported our event with vouchers for the ‘Entrepreneurs of the week’ award as well as supporting visits to meet with their director of sales and marketing.

Enterprise week is a great opportunity to engage with our local community and we have had careers ranging from firefighters to agricultural research engineers! I am very proud of the achievements so far and when I ask the children what was their highlight of their year they often refer back to the visitors that they have had visit them. I would love to become an ambassador and help other schools get involved with the power of community engagement.