Maybell Saliu – Inspiring the Future volunteer

Sadly, I was not an individual who was able to uttered the words – ‘I aspire to be just like….’. I was not exposed to, nor did I ever have anyone to aspire to. Until I received my GCSE results – I met face to face with failure. The reality that I had played around and squandered any opportunities to be the best I could be in that season, hit me hard. I would say from that point forward I was inspired to always give my best, always!

I have a passion to ensure young people in education are exposed to as much information and opportunities as possible, to make the best choice for their future and to own it!

Also, I do not want young people to forcibly go through the motions of education and ultimately life. Life is what you make of it, and age should never dictate the level of success that can be achieved.

I attended schools that did not have the opportunities to expose me to what I could be. I know times have changed but I believe more opportunities need to be brought to the attention of young people. A wealth of information needs to be available and easily accessible to them so that they can grasp these opportunities and position themselves for greatness.

Volunteering allows you to connect to young students, impart knowledge and encourage others. It is a great platform to genuinely contribute to generations behind you, so they may become greater and better than our generation. Last but not least, it is fun and fulfilling to see a young student blossom and take steps into the next chapter of their life.

Advice I would give to a young person wanting to pursue a career in your field is:

  • Research, research and research.
  • Stop, sit down, and think, strategies & then Go.
  • Buy Project Management books
  • Read blogs/articles of successful projects in different industries.
  • Check Project Managers Career history via LinkedIn.
  • Give a project management related company a call or email asking for career advice.
  • Get a mentor

Inspiring the Future are passionate about causes that are close to my heart. Their vast network of schools, allows me to actively engage with young people. The best part of it is when a student request to speak to me further, it reassures me I said something that they were able to relate to.